Hello hometown and burried memories !!

78ce7b18cdc3ea3d45cffb7834c07bbaI don’t have the luxury of visiting my parents place often.

It is now almost, one time an year affair.

But it is the most cherished and awaited trip in the whole wide world.

We have made houses of our own and moved on with life in different cities and countries.

But the pleasure of sitting down at the very same place our forefathers sat and talked and laughed and cried is beyond explanation.

Going to Chennai (Madras – is how Appa referred to it), our home where Appa lived and died and where we grew up, is like going back and knocking the doors of our Amma’s womb. The only safe spot we ever knew.

Suddenly the work or stress or EMIs or jobs did not matter.

We behave like 5yr olds, pulling up each others legs, lazying around, talking in Tamil, watching random nonsensical Tamil channels, just to feel a little closer to Heaven.

While we contained and tried hard to hide those tears of missing this man of our lives, while all we wanted was to just deny the fact that our hearts carried burdens beyond bearable, while we were hysterical that one of us would start crying and open up a Pandoras Box of burns and bruises of our orphaned souls, we sat still in all the chaos and experienced Peace like a river.

The Peace that flowed through every open bleeding wound of our hearts. I dont know what it is. But I know for sure, i could have never bought it with all the wealth I have.

It was the peace that Appa had in his heart, and left back in our home.

The peace that makes you imagine that divine smell of your Father.

The peace that can help you hear his voice, his cheeky laughter;

The peace that runs through your nerves, when you touch those good old books, ageing almost a 100 years. Books that Appa read skipping food.

The peace that passes through a photoframe of him grinning.

The peace of the sight of that old teakwood table, which now is over a century old, where Appa sat and read the the Bible and Newspapers.

I could almost hear him wake me up in the morning and say ‘ Coffee ready ma’.

If he was alive, he would have stood in defiance of our children and showered him with everything that we could not buy with money.

Darn. He sould have been here mahn !! To see us cuddling and disciplining our little ones. I bet he would have thought to himself, what on earth and how on earth are they talking about discipline ūüôā

Nothing is lost. Nothing has died. Nothing is burried.

What was lost was a visible Father, what died was a mere human figure, what is burried is nothing but remains of well spent man’s life.

What is alive, is his sounds of laughter and gentleness, what is real is his memories of limitless love and kindness, what will live forever is his impact on us his children and the blessings that he left back.

Appa had few favourites and one of them was Judah, my little cousin brother, for whose Wedding we met at Chennai.

If the Scriptures are to be believed, If Heaven was the place for our departed beloved ones, if that Eternal place is where our dear ones rejoiced, then i know for sure that, Appa rejoiced during the Wedding Ceremony and was immensely happy for him.

He would have rejoiced, like how we all as one big family rejoiced on Earth on that Beautiful day. He would have giggled from Heaven, looking at his Neices and Nephews and there children and all our fun times.

Like always, the time to move on is one of the painful moments. We are adults we are not supposed to cry. But at heart we are still toddlers refusing to understand why we cannot question God or Death or why we should not cry for Appa Anymore, or Why how much ever we spill out Tantrums, Appa was never gonna come back again.

It’s time to journey back to normal lives. It’s time to once again part with his little piece of Heaven on earth.

We just buy back somemore time, run back to Appa’s little corner, search if there is any memory we could carry and come out with overflowing limitless Fatherly moments and tuck them safely in the cornor of our hearts.

It’s time to leave.

And as we leave in different directions to resume our otherwise normal lives, we wish we could carry this little home in our hands and burry our childlike fears.

And as we are back at our offices and in the midst of a chaotic day at work, we are working out and planning and looking for every possible option to go to Chennai again. Go to our little Heaven on earth !!


Appa was not all that great, Anyway !!


We all know that one spot in the house, which has been untouched for a long time. I wont say its dirty but its dusty. We might clean the room everyday, but there’s one spot that the broom could never reach and we dont bother to put in that extra effort anyway, because it will only make things worse, the dust will blow up suffocating and leaving us with an irritating headache.

Well, the same happens with my heart too. There is a rough edged cornor, where i have carefully scattered some taunting memories. I know they are there. But i dont want to visit them.

But yeah, like we are forced to meet some people, we are also forced to visit some places.

And the weekned that went by, called my attention to clean the little dusty lonely cornor of my bookshelf (All of the books collection that i ever have was gifted by Appa; Topics ranging from Poetry, women, spirituality, love, loss, inspirations and manymore). I found myself dusting and brushing off some weird memories about Appa. And it dawned upon me, as I sat coughing in the midst of blownup dust, that ‘Appa was (not all) that great’.

  1. He humiliated us:

Yeah right. He humiliated us. With his humbleness, honesty, grace, selflessness, and ofcourse his smile. It was humiliating because we wanted to be like him and we couldint. Because everyone kept asking us ‘repeatedly‘ “Unga Appa va” (is he your dad?). It is such a shame that we couldint match up to his greatness. He led a wishless life. Something which makes him the rarest of the rare human beings. Why was he so humble. What was he thinking about himself. What was he thinking about us. Why was he stacking up so much of unperishable wealth for us? Each of these questions humiliate us.

2. He was a ‘weak’ man:¬†

He was weak in heart. He was a coward. He was scared to face life head on. He dint gather up the courage to put up a fight and he bowed down ingloriously. He gave up. If he was’nt any of the above, he would have lived now. He wanted to go before us. He did not want to outlive us. He should have stayed back and kissed our kids. He should have fought those final moments and pleaded mercy. He should have been with us through our sleepless nights with our little ones. He should have been here. But he quit like a Hero. He quit like a Boss. He quit like a Father.

3. He was a Mediocre Man: 

He loved mediocrity. He was never yelling on the top of his voice when we failed. When we failed as Students, as sportsmen as humans. He was never upset with us. He embraced our mediocrity instead of punishing us. He reminded us we all were mere humans, bound to make mistakes and perfection is to leave to God alone. He was fine if we woke up at 11 am, he was fine if we had breakfast without brushing teeth, he was fine if we hated people, he was fine if we did not do what he asked us to do. He was fine with us. He was fine with our flaws and loved our imperfections. He thought his role as a Dad was to love and not ridicule.

4. He was a master of ‘Naked Lies:¬†

He would call me, ‘Best Girl In India’, while i was not even the best girl in the family. He lied to us of how proud he was, during days we thought we were nothing. He lied to us that we were born winners. He lied to us that he will be with us till the end. His naked lies are nauseating. I could hear his lies flow from his coffin, those cold lies of being together and fathering forever.

Sometimes, well most times i wish I could burry my head in the sand cry for hours. Dust the rough edged cornor of my heart and beautify the memories. But it needs to be dirty, the memories need to be rusty, so that each time you visit it, it pinches your nerves and blows up the heart into untracable tiny pieces that no one can ever fix.

The dust stared at me.

Along with the dust, his dignity in death, His smile, his blemishless life, his baby like smiles, everything stared at me.

I stared back and failed. I failed in front of his humbleness, I failed at his fatherhood, i failed at his magnificent giant like Appa-hood. Like always, we failed and he smiled.

He won in life, he won in death, he won in after-life.




Dad’s Remembrance Day !!


it was 2yrs back this day, June 8th, we bid farewell to the greatest human being of our lives.  Our Dad, our Appa, our Dada boy, our Gapa.

Time heals, was one big lie, that the whole world lied to us that day.

But our Appa knows that it has never been easy till this second, with the intensity of that stabbing pain increasing with each denied moment with him.

Although we promised to unite as a family each year this day, here we are in different parts of the world, but held together in thoughts, memories, prayers and tears.

Evry year,

we wanted to visit his grave that gloriously bears his name and that shining Cross that bears witness to his and our faith.

We wanted to buy those fresh and best flowers in the world and decorate his granite house that stores his mortal remains.

We wanted to buy those brightest candles and stand beside him as a testimony to what he was.

We wanted to hold our hearts together and cry like little babies to show him what he has left behind.

we wanted to be in the best of our clothes, dreseed like he always wanted us to be.

I wanted to gently pat my mom and say, “what a blessed woman you are.”

i wanted to look into my brother’s eyes and ask the same old question, why us, why our dad, why so soon, why so suddenly.

I wanted to hug Jaya, my sister in law and she would whisper, ” Dad is in heAven, dad is with Jesus, he never wanted us to cry”

we are here, today, walking with broken bandages. Bandages that keeps tearing off each time we talk nought of this great man. We wrapped our open wounds with his memories.

Sometimes I wish some random doctor told us that those will be the final 10 days of dad or some angel just hinted us that dad will disappear in the next 5 days.

I promise dad, if I knew those were your last days, I would have hugged you every single day.

I would have kissed you every single minute.

I would have begged forgiveness for every wrong and led a guilt free life after your disappearance.

I would have done everything for you. Changed your clothes, wiped your body and held you like a baby.

All 5 of us would sit around you, read the Bible and desperately made the dying prayer.

We would have put up our best face, smiling, just to assure you that we are enjoying our final moments with you.

in short we would have faked it.

But none of the above happened.

You flew without a clue,

There was no time for a goodbye hug.

You saw our naked souls, with all the blemish, the imperfect souls you loved.

You told me you were coming to see me, you promised to be the first few to hold my newborn.

you have never j lied to me, neither were your final words a lie.

you did come, as a baby, the baby I fondly call Ved, in your memory.

You took a part of me with you to heaven, but you were also kind enough to leave a part of you in my lap.

He is wearing your smile, that smile that angelic grace that can fix any heartbreak in a flash.

We wear layers of niceness around us, but the inner hurt is as cruel as the 1st time on June 8th, 2014, we heard a stranger say, your dad is no more.

So many fathers, Rich Fathers, Poor Fathers, Rude Fathers, Namesake Fathers, but you are a step above everyone, A Blessed Father.

With the faith you taught us , we are awaiting eagerly to unite together with you for eternity.

Rest In Peace Appa,

Rest for a while,

Rest your tried hands & feet,

Rest in heavenly peace.

Rest till we meet again at Jesus feet.




The Deadly Sun Stroke / Heat Stroke !! ~ Watch out this Summer.

As the Scorching Sun sets in this summer, here is all you need to know about the Killer Heat Wave, that is eating India.

Sun Stroke is also called as Heat Stroke.

It is the most serious form of heat injury and is considered a Medical Emergency.

To know more, please follow the below links: Please I urge you, read through:





Here are few tips that I would like to tell you, personally:

  1. Always carry Water. It is like carrying cash.
  2. Give Water to Old People, Pregnant Woman, Tired Teenager or a Dehydrated Kid.
  3. Basically give Water to everyone.
  4. Give water to the ones who don’t ask you.
  5. To the wanderer, to the guy repairing a manhole, to the old fellow carrying bricks braving the hot sun with his bare body.
  6. Don’t feel shy. Just offer Water if you feel someone is distressed.

Because even after so many months I am haunted by the thought that no one came forward to offer a cup of Water to my dehydrated Dad and that we had to lose him to Sun Stroke.

If only, someone sensed he was distressed and passing out, if only someone asked him, “Sir any help”, if only they told him to¬†drink some cold water and relax, if only someone called the doctor at the next station ..

Dad’s passing away has taught me the greatest lesson, 30 yrs of existence failed to teach.

The ‘Apathy’ we all show for our fellow human beings and animals alike.

I have been so preoccupied by my thoughts. I have never helped anyone. Who knows how many times I could have saved a life my mere kindness.

I cant but help imagine the worse, of how many times I have failed my fellow travellers who were actually looking up to me for help.

I never know the value a cup of Water could make.

How many times I have walked passed the burning street leaving a profusely sweating daily wager to die. May not be, but you never know.

Walk across, walk past by, lend a bottle of water, you may never know how such small acts of kindness can save someone’s life.

You don’t need Money to save lives. You only need a Kind Heart. Because all the money we had could never bring back our Dear Dad.

Thank you for reading !!


i have stopped missing my Father, for good !!



Life has its own way of sending out frequent reminders on Bad Memories.

those that rip you apart. strike you down, replay the horrific scenes by sequence and put you through the same pain, fear and guilt you experienced years back.

Oh yes, life also does the same with Happiness Memories, but not as frequent as it should.

So was one such day, today, in the midst of a chaotic afternoon at work, from nowhere, my mind replayed scenes from my dad’s last day. well as embarrassing as it may sound, sitting in the midst of a 100 employees, you cant just explode.

While all I wanted to do was run as fast as I can to a place, humanS never walked before and cry out loud. nothing of this happened.

But I did cry.

Inside my head, Deep in my soul.

Somehow, I have mastered this art of ‘crying without tears’ after Dad detached himself from me.

Cry without tears, Laugh without a joke, talk without a person next to you, lie on plain floor and pretend it to be Dad’s lap, Hug and being hugged back by gentle breeze, Kiss the memories and slap that invisible fate.

All of this is humanely possible only by those who have experienced a loss that came as a shock. A shock that left them with a  paralysed soul.

But yes, on a second thought, I have really stopped missing my Dad,


I used to be overwhelmed, when I see¬†Facebook posts of my friends with their dads, hugging and laughing. I would tell myself, “Fake Fake, my dad was much better’ and¬†look at¬†the Sky and say ‘Not Fair’.

I used to stare at random girls, when they walk holding their dad’s hands. Tears would flood my eyes and I wouldn’t hide them.¬†its so fresh in my memory, when dad¬†slid his¬†manly hard worked hands¬†over my tiny fingers and we¬†walked¬†& chatted through the ¬†streets of Chennai.

When my colleagues used to talk to their dads, I used to scroll through my phone and call my dad’s number. I would be reminded by a kind stranger, that, that number is no longer in use. but so much pleasure in doing that and let go of giant like mute sobs.

But you know what, its been pretty much some time, since I cried for Dad.

Not because he is no more, but because there is more and more of him in my life than ever before.

when I lie on baby soft lap, when Ved gently pats me to sleep, I have screamed a thousand times. “Appa Appa, that’s appa’s touch”. that same touch, that same gentleness, that same divine peace.

His eyes, his smile, his small fat round nose, his screams, his grin, in his sleep, he is a perfect example of ‘Daddy turned Baby’.

Every time I miss dad, I look into my Son’s eyes,¬†and I know, the once father, is for today and forever my son.

but I do miss him, at times, I need that grace to forgive, that angelic smile to cheer up, that tender voice to encourage, that extra push to be kind and firm prayers to take decision.

It is after his death, when I walk around looking at other ‘Dad’s’, I realize, my Dad was 1 in a Mankind. just like another’s.

A part of me departed with Appa, just like him, without much fanfare.

But, I know I am one of the most Blessed Woman,¬†Because not every day, in every Woman’s life,¬†Her dad, A Superhero, is Reborn !





I Wish Dad, I Just Wish !!


I wish, like last year this day, I wished you a Happy Birthday.

I Wish, we sat and chatted on the floor in our house that was built with memories and not walls.

I Wish like every year, you bought me a Birthday Cake for your Birthday.

I Wish, your last years birthday wish to live for 95yrs came true.

I Wish you came in our dreams today and we ate a hearty meal together.

I Wish, you heard Liam’s new stories from his new school. You genuinely enjoyed them.

I wish, I told you about the other heartbeat thats beating in sync with mine.

I Wish appa, today you told me, “prisma be bold, you are the best girl in India”

I Wish appa you’d flash that Angelic Smile once again.

I Wish, your photograph that lies beside my bed comes alive for a few seconds. Am waiting with eyes wide open.

I Wish, like always you gently pressed my swollen legs.

I Wish I could trade all the Riches I have to spend a minute with you, just yto say a hearty “Goodbye”. Remember you owe me one.

I wish, I desperately wish, you know, it was me and not asir Anna who stole 5 bucks from your pocket in 1993 @our kellys home. You punished the poor boy, leaving me guilty for life.

Dad, asir and I believe with all our heart, that we shall definitely meet on the beautiful shore. Its just the human heart that aches and we hope you understand how strong your kids are.