Look at your Father !! ~ Charles Swindoll



Think about your Father, Okay?

Meditate on what that one Individual has contributed to you.

Think about his influence over you, His investments in you, his insights to you.

Study his face…….the lines that are now indelibly etched on your mind.

Listen again to the echo of his voice….that infectious laugh…those unique expressions that emerge through the miracle of memory.

Feel his hands around yours….his strong secure arm across your shoulders.

That grip that once communicated a strange mixture of gentleness and determination….compassion and Masculinity.

Watch his walk. No other walk like his, is there?

Those sure steps…that inimitable stride !!

Best of all, remember his exemplary character. The word is INTEGRITY.

As you read this, pause and recall just once or two choice moments in your past when he stood alone….

When he stood by you…In a time of Storm.

When he protected you from the bitter blast of Life’s harsh consequences.

In the wake of such a legacy which time can never rob, GIVE GOD Thanks.

That’s all !!

Just thank the giver of every good and perfect gift for the meaningful marks your dad has branded on the core of your character…

The wholesome habits he has woven into the fabric of your flesh…

Our Lord declares that you are the beneficiary in a perpetual, paternal policy !!

For the Balance of your life, you receivethe dividends from your father’s wise and sacrificial investments in “integrity stock”.

Most of those dividends were unknown and unclaimed until you were grown….

How many of us now find ourselves richly endowed !!

He is not perfect. He would be the first to Admit it !!

Nor is he infaillable, much to his own dismay !!

Nor altogether fair…. Nor always right.

But there’s onething he is – always and altogether ;

He is your Dad !! The only one you will ever have !!

If you give him your love, you can keep all other stuff !!

–          From “Growing strong in the Seasons of Life” by Charles Swindoll.


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