The Accidental Son-in-law …….Whom My Dad Loved !!

Well, I intend to write a blog about Reji, but did not get his consent for the same as He disapproved every single thing I felt about him.

He said I can freely write about him, the day I can wake up @ 2 am and get him a glass of water without murmuring. He simply doesn’t believe in my writing in public forums as I still lack some basic qualities that I should Possess as a wife.

Nevertheless, I will still go ahead to keep up with the tradition 🙂

He was loved by Dad, few times I could see some jealousy popping out of dad’s eyes. But dad stood by me in all my decisions. My decision to take Reji as a life-time partner never shook his faith in me and he believed in all the choices I made.

If dad was alive, he would have phoned me up and asked to convey blessings and wishes to Reji. Not that he din’t like him, but he was simply too shy to talk to Reji.
Today, on Reji’s Birthday, I have nothing to give him except some few words, which definitely is not empty.


Reji never really consoled me with words, during dad’s demise. He would just sit around, leave me alone or crack some out of the world silly jokes and laugh to himself and force me to laugh. His childlike innocence was something i couldint ignore. He left immediately after the funeral to Trivandrum and that’s when I knew, how strong was his presence. Just by sitting quietly he made a lot of difference in my life those couple of days. His Silence has so much power that nulls any fancy condolences some made. That’s him, that’s just him, quiet, subtle, A class-apart.

I have never prayed even once in my life, that I should find a partner who is just like my Dad. But just as it turned out to be, our friends and family stand as witness that Reji is nothing but another Dad in disguise.

Here are few of my observations, which make them so unique and special in my life:
1) Dad and Reji are both as humble as a grass.
2) The person next to them often can’t hear what they are trying to say.
3) They don’t get your attention when they are around.
4) But missed badly when not in sight.
5) Both hated to be called innocent or goodguy types.
6) Both have often made me feel they don’t belong to this planet.
7) A class apart.
8) They know my weakness.
9) They know am neither naïve nor innocent.
10) They both wanted to talk to each other but never did.
11) Both do the small acts of kindness that the ordinary world wouldn’t generally notice.
12) Ardent readers.
13) Respected little children.
14) Kept opinions to themselves.
15) Knew everything under the Sun, but never tried to sell themselves.
16) Both loved me.
17) I have hurt both, badly, but still they have accepted me back as if nothing ever happened.
18) They put relationship before money and God above everything else.
19) Everyone says I am so lucky to have them in my life :/


Never in his dream, dad would have imagined, I will walk up to him one day and confess my love for a Malayali Nair Boy. But as the events of my life unfolded, dad, mom and Asir anna, the three important people stood by me and have never shifted teams ever since.

I will stop for a moment, look at the wide blue sky and in all humbleness, thank God for this day and Blessing me through my Choices.

I will tell him, that I owe him a lifetime of gratitude for this day.



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