I Wish Dad, I Just Wish !!


I wish, like last year this day, I wished you a Happy Birthday.

I Wish, we sat and chatted on the floor in our house that was built with memories and not walls.

I Wish like every year, you bought me a Birthday Cake for your Birthday.

I Wish, your last years birthday wish to live for 95yrs came true.

I Wish you came in our dreams today and we ate a hearty meal together.

I Wish, you heard Liam’s new stories from his new school. You genuinely enjoyed them.

I wish, I told you about the other heartbeat thats beating in sync with mine.

I Wish appa, today you told me, “prisma be bold, you are the best girl in India”

I Wish appa you’d flash that Angelic Smile once again.

I Wish, your photograph that lies beside my bed comes alive for a few seconds. Am waiting with eyes wide open.

I Wish, like always you gently pressed my swollen legs.

I Wish I could trade all the Riches I have to spend a minute with you, just yto say a hearty “Goodbye”. Remember you owe me one.

I wish, I desperately wish, you know, it was me and not asir Anna who stole 5 bucks from your pocket in 1993 @our kellys home. You punished the poor boy, leaving me guilty for life.

Dad, asir and I believe with all our heart, that we shall definitely meet on the beautiful shore. Its just the human heart that aches and we hope you understand how strong your kids are.



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