The Deadly Sun Stroke / Heat Stroke !! ~ Watch out this Summer.

As the Scorching Sun sets in this summer, here is all you need to know about the Killer Heat Wave, that is eating India.

Sun Stroke is also called as Heat Stroke.

It is the most serious form of heat injury and is considered a Medical Emergency.

To know more, please follow the below links: Please I urge you, read through:

Here are few tips that I would like to tell you, personally:

  1. Always carry Water. It is like carrying cash.
  2. Give Water to Old People, Pregnant Woman, Tired Teenager or a Dehydrated Kid.
  3. Basically give Water to everyone.
  4. Give water to the ones who don’t ask you.
  5. To the wanderer, to the guy repairing a manhole, to the old fellow carrying bricks braving the hot sun with his bare body.
  6. Don’t feel shy. Just offer Water if you feel someone is distressed.

Because even after so many months I am haunted by the thought that no one came forward to offer a cup of Water to my dehydrated Dad and that we had to lose him to Sun Stroke.

If only, someone sensed he was distressed and passing out, if only someone asked him, “Sir any help”, if only they told him to drink some cold water and relax, if only someone called the doctor at the next station ..

Dad’s passing away has taught me the greatest lesson, 30 yrs of existence failed to teach.

The ‘Apathy’ we all show for our fellow human beings and animals alike.

I have been so preoccupied by my thoughts. I have never helped anyone. Who knows how many times I could have saved a life my mere kindness.

I cant but help imagine the worse, of how many times I have failed my fellow travellers who were actually looking up to me for help.

I never know the value a cup of Water could make.

How many times I have walked passed the burning street leaving a profusely sweating daily wager to die. May not be, but you never know.

Walk across, walk past by, lend a bottle of water, you may never know how such small acts of kindness can save someone’s life.

You don’t need Money to save lives. You only need a Kind Heart. Because all the money we had could never bring back our Dear Dad.

Thank you for reading !!



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