Every time we think of you, we thank God for you1 Thessalonians 1:2

This Blog is dedicated to our Father lovingly called Appa. His sudden demise has left us shattered and altered our lives beyond recognition. Here are some of my scribblings which best describe what Appa was to us and to cherish his memories forever. Even though death has stolen appa from us physically, my brother and I strongly believe he is with us and we will definitely see him once again at Jesus Feet.

Everytime we realize that we have not lost a person whom we loved, but we lost a person who loved us beyond anything else in this world.

I just hope he gets to read my scattered words in Heaven.

Don’t bother if you dont get most of the things written here about dad. Because we understand that it is difficult to believe that Such a Great Man with Such great love ever lived.

PS: Dad has never been a day in hospital. He never suffered a heart arrest, neither did diabetes or cancer had the courage to face him. He was never under any medication or stress. His gentle body never experienced syringes or the painful examinations. He was fit and fine when he travelled from Delhi to Chennai When he breathed his last in train. He was clean shaven; hair trimmed and looked like a young man ready to tie the knot. Today as I look back and think of the fateful day, I sometimes wonder if Dad was getting ready to travel from Earth to Heaven, else why would he be so prepared physically and mentally. Everyone who gathered in disbelief could say he left in peace, by just looking at his face. So heavenly and a perfect candidate for the role of an Angel.

It makes sense, when people say, Good Men die this way.



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